Scott A. Ferguson, Sr., was born in Shakopee, Minnesota.  His father was in commercial radio so the family moved around Southern Minnesota and Iowa until he got a job with the Voice of America in Washington, D.C.  They moved to Virginia where Scott graduated from high school and began working for the U.S. Secret Service in 1976.  It was there that he met his future wife and they were married in 1983.  They have been married for over 36 years and raised two wonderful boys in Southern Maryland.  Scott’s hobbies include grilling out, bonfires, fishing and target shooting. He retired from the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division, at the rank of Lieutenant, in 2016.   While working for the Secret Service, he was privileged to meet every president from Gerald R. Ford to then candidate Donald J. Trump.

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Jack Lewis had been in prison for fifteen years, but today was the day he got out on parole.  The bus dropped him off and he was met by his best friend Charlie Walker; now a deputy sheriff.  He offered Jack a ride and when he asked, “Where to?”  Jack’s reply stunned him.  “Gull Cove.”

Opening the door Jack discovered a girl named Tamika asleep on the couch.  The next day he discovered was his sister Debbie’s daughter. While the two siblings got reacquainted, Tamika played pool; but the balls kept getting stuck.  Jack stuck his hand down the ball return and discovered a bloody glove.  Detective Delores Parker arrived they soon began trying to identify the real killer and clear Jack’s name. 

Somebody in Gull Cove didn’t want the truth to come out. Threatening phone calls began.  Next, threats were written on his cars and the front of his house.  Then the attacks began; starting with a bolder and continuing through exploding cars and even Jack’s boathouse.  On a cold and rainy night Jack came home to discover someone waiting for him…with a baseball bat.  He woke up tied to a chair in his basement watching the real killer pour kerosene around the room. Can Jack survive? Will help arrive in time?



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At thirteen Logan Chambers watched as twelve men tortured and killed his parents on their farm in Kansas in the 1800’s.  He’s shipped off to live with his uncle’s family where he secretly swears to avenge his parents’ death.

          The day after he turns eighteen he changes his name to Changes and returns to fulfill that oath.  After arriving in town, he’s befriended by Abraham Mitchell.  He invites Logan home for dinner and soon he’s working for him.

          Over the next few years he kills most of the men one by one.  But, while he’s killing them he falls in love and marries the rancher’s oldest daughter Susan. 

          For a time, life is good but then Forrest Hastings, the man who killed Logan’s parents finds out what Logan had done and makes his own plan for revenge.  He lures Logan away from home and sends two men to torture and “gut” his wife. Logan discovers the plot and rushes home to find her dying.  In the battle that ensued, both Abe and Logan are shot and injured.  While he’s recovering, Logan falls for his dead wife’s sister.  Does she fall for him too?

          There’s only one last man on his list and he must travel to Texas to find him.  When they meet only one man can live, but who?


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Kindness of a Stanger

Mike Hatfield was 39 when he lost his job, his family and his home and found himself living in a cheap motel contemplating suicide. Beside his bed were a bottle of sleeping pills and a bottle of whiskey.  He took all of the sleeping pills and washed them down with the whiskey.  His last thought was, “God, forgive me.”  That’s when Mike found out he still had work to do.

Kitty Madison was sixteen when she ran away from home. She found herself wandering around the city when she met Mike.  While they had breakfast together Kitty made up tale of how she got there and gave Mike an alias; Kitty Benson.  As Kitty was leaving, Mike gave her a piece of paper with his name and number on it.  Would Mike ever see her again?

In the middle of the night, the police came knocking on Mike’s motel room door.  They took him to see Kitty in the intensive care unit of the community hospital.  Would she survive? Could the two friends be able to help each other heal?  And, what about their families?


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Directly from the pages of “Kindness of a Stranger” comes Detective Marcus Cooper.  Join him as he teams up with Michelle D’Angelo in a case of murder and sex that reaches the highest levels of city government.

Detective Cooper arrives at the scene of the murder of a family of five.  As he examines the crime scene he discovers a note to the daughter, threatening to kill her and her entire family if she doesn’t stay away from someone named “Casey.”  But is that a real name?

He also discovers a note in the youngest son’s pencil case threatening to kill the family too.  Cooper has to figure out which is real, or are neither one real?

The case hits a wall until a student tells Michelle D’Angelo who, or what, Casey is.  That’s when a simple murder case explodes into a high school sex scandal.  Can Cooper and D’Angelo discover how many students are involved?

Once a popular teacher is arrested, they discover his father is a high ranking government official.  Can city politics destroy their case?  Can it destroy their careers?  Could it cost them their lives?

As they try to unravel the many layers of the case, their main witness is attacked and threatens to withdraw her complaint.  Can Marcus persuade her not to withdraw?

Time is running out for the two detectives as they close in on the truth.  Will they unravel the mysteries or will they fall short?

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By Scott A. Ferguson, Sr.

Abigail Henderson was a slave in the Empire of Truth and Light; a fascist country that was as bad as Nazi Germany but followed Moses’ instructions to the Israelites.  After surviving a truly horrific processing, she was sold to Dr. Kurt Van Heflin, to be a companion to his blind granddaughter Inga Van de Clerk. It wasn’t long before she became more than just a slave; she became part of the family. 

                       Not too long after beginning school, Abigail encountered a bully who pushed her down some stairs, breaking her arm.  Because her arm was bothering her one night she learned the family’s secret; Dr. Van Heflin was helping the resistance fighters!

          Four years later, Abigail was helping the doctor when she met a young airman who had a secret that could change the course of the war.  Within a few days of his arrival; Inspector Eric Hoffmann of the State Security Service, took an interest too.  He was so interested that he visited Abigail and her family numerous times.  The first time, he only scared the family but during his next few visits, he taught Inga what Abigail had endured in the slave processing center. Could they survive continued visits from Hoffmann?  Could they escape?  Would they get caught?




Agritania was a small kingdom of mostly farmers and merchants but, as the Lord Chancellor Fengold knew, was sitting on vast deposits of silver and gold. But the king was a fool and wouldn’t allow Fengold to develop these resources even though the wealth could be used to improve the lives of all the citizens…but especially Fengold himself. When the royal family was about to enjoy a picnic, the king and queen were killed but Prince Stephen survived by running away. After falling down a cliff, an old man named Barnabas found the prince and carried him off to his cottage in a hidden valley.

Becky Dixon’s parents were getting divorced and they were moving to her mother’s parent’s ranch. But, her mother had promised her best friend Emily Washburn could spend a month with them. The two girls were exploring the ranch when they found a cave and decided to investigate. While they were crawling through a narrow passage the floor gave out and they tumbled into another world. They soon find themselves in the middle of a desperate war to restore Prince Stephen to his throne. Do they succeed? Do they all survive? And if they do, do the girls ever get home?




Joe Harris steps out of the gates of prison a changed man, leaving the cell and prison life to become a man of the cloth. His first assignment as a parson is in a small town church in Bloodstone, Arizona, where he meets the former parson's widow, Anna Chase. They form a friendship, which leads to even more, but after they spend a night of sinful passion in another town, can he regain her trust and love? Will his unconventional bible studies in the town saloon’s backroom, his friendship with the Indians, and the gossip about him and the Widow Chase, lead him to success or failure?

While Joe is out of town six men ride into Bloodstone. At first no one pays them any attention, but by the next day, they’re all anyone is talking about.  When Joe gets home, he finds his past has come to haunt him.  What will the people of Bloodstone think when they learn of Joe’s unsavory past?




Devastated and in mourning after losing her family and her home in Bloodstone, Arizona, Sarah Pruitt is forced to move to Baltimore, Maryland, where she must live with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. But it would not be easy for Sarah to learn to live in a new city. Not long after learning that her ranch in Bloodstone had produced a lot of money, the family is forced to come to grips with her beloved cousin being diagnosed with consumption.  In an effort to help him, Sarah persuades the family to build a new house on her ranch and move there so her cousin would have a dryer climate for his illness in Arizona. Through Indian raids, romantic rivalries, and renewed friendships with Pastor Joe Harris, his wife Anna, and stepdaughter Julia, will Sarah triumph over the death of her family, or will more deaths and devastation await her in Bloodstone?  Will the move from Maryland lead to more happiness for Sarah or just to more loss? Only time will tell.




The old goddess had died and now it was time to select a new one.  In a little village, seven-year-old Maria Russo begins the process to become Sophia XIII.  Once selected, she must learn how to use the powers of a goddess. 

At fourteen, Sophia finds that her empire was under attack by their northern neighbors and her brother was missing in action.  She persuades her best friend, Princess Jacqueline, to talk her father, the king, into supplying trainers and equipment.  A few days later, Prince Edmond arrives with the trainers.  That night at dinner, sparks fly between him and the goddess. Is a goddess allowed to fall in love?

The king of Argonne has other ideas and arranges a marriage between the Edmond and the princess of a nearby country. But Edmond doesn’t tell Sophia.  Instead, she overhears High Priestess Elisa and Princess Jacqueline talking.  Is this the end of her dreams of love?  Sophia’s brother and her best friend fall in love and get married.  At the wedding, she is confronted by Edmond who professes his undying love for her.  Does she forgive him? Does she take him back like so many, even the spirit of the real goddess seem to want?    




Maggie O’Toole was the pampered daughter of a well off banker in Port Royal in the 1800’s; until that fateful day she came home to find she wasn’t who she thought she was. As soon as she walked in the door, the house keeper, Mrs. Harper, told her that her father wanted to see her in the study. Once she had entered and sat down, he began to tell her about her mother. He explained that he wasn’t really her father; he was her mother’s brother, Cyrus. He explained that when Maggie’s mother arrived at his home, she had a cold and it wasn’t long before it progressed into pneumonia. She was sent to a hospital and soon went into labor and eventually gave birth to Maggie. But, between the advanced pneumonia and being in labor for over two days, her health failed and she died not long after making Cyrus swear to raise Maggie as his daughter. Cyrus told her that her real father had found out about her and been granted custody. They packed up some of Maggie’s possessions and took the two day train trip to Cedar Falls. That night at supper, when the hotel owner’s wife was serving them, Maggie learned some people would shun her because her parents weren’t married. It made her feel dirty.




It was a typical Thursday morning until Jimmy Smith and his notorious gang of bank robbers rode into Willow Crossing, Nebraska, to rob the bank.  It should have been an easy job but, suddenly, everything goes wrong and Jimmy finds half his men dead, his horses gone and no way to escape.  Then he sees the schoolhouse next door and gets an idea.

          Katie Sinclair was always having to stay after school and, as far as her family was concerned, today was no different.  That is until her brother went to pick her up and found the sheriff and the deputy were dead and the bank robbers were holed up in the school…with Katie and the other children. 

          The bank robbers took three kids hostage and leave town.  Morgan Sinclair vowed to bring them back.  When he and his men catch up with the Smith gang everything went sideways and Morgan is left wondering what happened.  Did he rescue the kids or did one of them die? 





Fawn couldn’t wait to be out flying in the sunshine; that’s where fairies belonged.  But it wasn’t to be. As soon as the bell rang, the fairy kids all ran out the school door and right into the nets waiting for them. It wasn’t long before she found herself in a cage in the window of a pet shop.

Ginny always wanted a fairy and, on her tenth birthday, her father bought her Fawn.   Life fell into a comfortable routine but it was even better when Fawn stayed even though Ginny forgot to lock the cage door one day. Fawn was never locked in the cage again. 

Meanwhile, a group of fairies traveled to the human town determined to rescue the stolen fairies.  But, when Ginny and Fawn refuse to be separated, Ginny begged to come to the fairy colony.  The next morning, Ginny’s parents found out what the fairy parents already knew.

Like the fairies, Randy went after his daughter.  He began at the pet shop, which led to the fairy catcher.  After being forced to show him where the fairy colony was, Craig, the fairy catcher, broke his front teeth while trying to escape.

Once they were back in town, Craig decided to get even with Randy by stealing Ginny.


While Randy, the police and even the fairies are looking for her, Ginny escapes from Craig.  But, as she runs into the woods, she falls down a ravine and breaks her arm.  Then she gets stuck behind a waterfall when it begins to rain and the creek floods. 

Fawn and her brother, Buck, helped with the search.  Eventually, they were the ones who finally found out where Ginny was being held.   After leading the police to Craig’s house they discover Ginny’s not there.  Fawn and Buck hear something in the woods and find where Ginny is hiding but it takes the fire department to save her.  Once she’s rescued, they all go to the hospital where Ginny’s arm is surgically repaired before she goes home.  

After a few weeks, the town council takes up laws banning fairy catching and selling and especially wing clipping.  Do the laws pass?  Do the fairies and the humans learn to live together?



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